New COOMET President

On 18-19 April 2012, the 22 COOMET Committee Meeting took place in the beautiful surrounding of Cholpon-Ata, Kyrgyzstan. During this meeting a new COOMET President was elected.

Nominated persons for this post have been Prof. Dr. Vladimir KRUTIKOV (Acting Director of VNIOFI, Moscow) and Dr. Pavel NEYEZHMAKOV (1st Deputy Director for Science of NSC "Institute of Metrology", Kharkov).

13 COOMET member countries, who attended the COOMET Meeting, took part in the elections.


With 8:5 votes, Prof. Dr. Krutikov became new President.


New Vice Presidents have been nominated:


1) Prof. Dr. Nikolai ZHAGORA (BelGIM, Belarus)

2) Dr. Pavel NEYEZHMAKOV (NSC "Institute of Metrology", Ukraine)

3) Dr. Martin HALAJ (SMU, Slovakia)

4) Prof. Dr. Klaus-Dieter SOMMER (PTB, Germany)

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