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26-27.10.2022: 33rd online COOMET Committee meeting (Plenary session)

The Plenary Session of the 33rd online COOMET Committee meeting was held on 26 to 27 October 2022, at which representatives of 12 COOMET member countries (Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, China, Cuba, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Slovakia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan) took part. Representatives of international organizations (BIPM, BIML) and regional organizations (APMP, AFRIMETS, GULFMET, SIM, and EASC) also participated in the meeting and gave their presentations on the activities in 2021-2022.


COOMET President Valery Hurevich (Belarus) presented to the participants a report on the results of activities in 2021-2022 and highlighted the tasks of COOMET in the current situation. Head of COOMET Secretariat Nadezhda Liakhova (Belarus) presented an annual report with the analysis of COOMET activities in all fields of cooperation, provided for in the COOMET Memorandum.


In addressing the issue of implementation of the CIPM MRA, information about the 44th and 45th JCRB meetings was presented, as well as a report on the activities of the COOMET Joint Committee for Measurement Standards (with an analysis of TC 1.1 – TC 1.12 activities, analysis of the current state of preparation, review and publication in the KCDB of CMC entries of NMIs and DIs of COOMET member countries and related challenges, as well as information about the implementation of  the COOMET Program of Comparisons and difficulties related to conducting comparisons of measurement standards of COOMET member countries).


The COOMET Committee requested the Directors of COOMET NMIs to ensure support of the activities of the NMI staff members who are members of COOMET structural bodies, and to organize review of the reports of TC members on the participation in COOMET TC activities at the meetings of Academic Boards or sections of Academic Boards at NMIs in order to control the deadlines for the implementation of resolutions of TC meetings and/or discuss problems with COOMET project implementation.

The Committee approved 15 CRM types as COOMET CRMs and endorsed the proposals on the update of the Register of COOMET CRMs (COOMET information material I/RM/2) in view of the information received by the TC 1.12 Secretariat from COOMET member countries.


Information about COOMET activities in the field of peer reviews of quality management systems (QMS) was also presented to the meeting participants, including data about the results of the peer reviews of the QMS of the NMIs/DIs of Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Ukraine. The schedule of peer reviews of the QMS of other COOMET NMIs/DIs for 2022-2023 was discussed in view of the validity of the QMS Confirmations of Recognition.

During the COOMET Committee meeting the issues of cooperation in the field of legal metrology, information and training of metrologists were also considered (including discussion of the prospect of creating COOMET courses on the BIPM e-learning platform

The timeframe and venue of the X International Competition "Best Young Metrologist of COOMET" were agreed: 14 to 16 June 2023, Ekaterinburg, Russia.


The COOMET Committee approved new and updated COOMET publications prepared in 2021-2022:

- recommendation CООМЕТ R/GM "Expression of expanded measurement uncertainty (kurtosis method)" (new);

- information material CООМЕТ I/TR "Education & training systems for metrologists of COOMET member countries" (new);

- program COOMET P5/2022 "Program of joint CRM development within COOMET" (replacing the previous version of June 2022);

- recommendation COOMET R/GM/18:2022 "Procedure of the International Competition "The Best Young Metrologist of COOMET" (replacing COOMET R/GM/18:2020).

as well as updated Regulations on a number of COOMET Technical Committees (JCMS, TC 1.2, TC 1.3, TC 1.5, TC 1.7, TC 1.8, TC 1.10, TC 1.11, TC 1.12, TC 2).


Representatives of national metrology organizations which are COOMET members, traditionally presented information about the state of metrological activities in their countries.


The next COOMET Committee meeting is scheduled for early June 2023 (week from 5 to 9 June).

In the absence of border crossing restrictions the meeting is planned to be held in the conventional format, in Astana, Kazakhstan. The idea of holding a COOMET seminar on digital transformation in metrology along with the Committee meeting was agreed.

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