18th meeting of TC 1.7 "Photometry and Radiometry" (—Āombined format: VNIIOFI (Moscow, Russia) and online): 12-14 October 2021



15th online meeting of TC 1.1 "General Metrology"
and webinar of implementation of the CIPM MRA documents: 15 October 2021

State Administration for Quality Management (SAQM)


Acting President: Mr. Pak Song Guk

Director of Metrology Department: Dr. Jo Hui Kon

Address:          Inhung-Dong No.1, Moranbong District, Pyongyang, DPR Korea

Telephone:      + 850 2 18111 (ext. 381 8989)

Fax:                 + 850 2 381 44 10

E-mail:             saqm@co,


The institution responsible for legal metrology is the State Administration for Quality Management (SAQM) responsible for the metrological works in the country. It is charged with the following main activities:


  • to elaborate and realize the state policy in metrology;
  • to define and register the measurement standards for the unification of measurement units and maintenance of their accuracy;
  • to approve the measuring means;
  • to accredit the self-calibration institution;
  • to organize and carry out the inspection and supervision in the field of metrology;
  • to elaborate the law, regulations and rules on metrology;
  • to approve the guidelines to the calibration and pattern evaluation.

Calibration bodies

Territorial Institutions of Calibration are the subordinate of SAQM. These institutions are charged with the following main activities:


  • to maintain the working standards and reference instruments;
  • to calibrate the ordinary measuring instruments belonging to the category of state calibration within the territory;
  • to carry out the supervision and control on metrology;
  • to give technical and administrative guidance to the self-calibration institutions within the territory.
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