National Scientific Centre "Institute of Metrology"

General Director: Prof. Pavel Neyezhmakov

Address:     42 Mironositskaya Str., Kharkiv-2, 61002, , Ukraine

Telephone: +38 057 700 34 09
Fax:            +38 057 700 34 47
Email:        info(at)




NSC "Institute of Metrology":


  • carries out the fundamental scientific and applied scientific researches in the field of metrology
  • participates in the development of state programs on metrology, concepts of these programs and the concept of development of metrology system in Ukraine
  • carries out the research and development works related to the creation, improvement, maintenance, comparison, use of the national standards, the establishment of the systems of transferring the sizes of the of units of measurements (providing metrological traceability with account for the needs of the national economy and international experience)
  • participates in the drafting of technical regulations of other legal and regulatory acts, as well as the normative documents in the field of metrology and metrological activity
  • performs functions of the Head Center of the Service of Universal Time and Reference Frequencies
  • performs functions of the scientific and methodological center of the Service of Reference Materials of Composition and Properties of Substances and Materials
  • coordinates the scientific and metrological activity related to the measurements and calculations of time in the territory of Ukraine
  • provides intersectional coordination and scientific-methodological support on works on the development and use of reference materials of composition and properties of substances and materials
  • performs the works on conformity assessment of legally regulated measuring instruments to the technical regulations in case of its appointment as a conformity assessment body
  • carries out the verification of legally regulated measuring instruments in operation according to the respective types and subtypes of measurements, which have internationally recognized calibration and measurement capabilities, and/or with the use of national standards, provided the empowerment to carry out the verification of the relevant measuring instruments
  • maintains and uses the national standards of the units of physical quantities in the types and subtypes of measurements assigned to it
  • carries out the calibrations of measuring instruments used in and/or out of the field of legally regulated metrology
  • carries out the measurements in the field of legally regulated metrology
  • develops measurement, verification and calibration techniques
  • provides the management of the information fund of national standards and reference materials appropriate for use in verification of legally regulated measuring instruments
  • provides cooperation with the international metrology organizations
  • ensures the activity of the national secretariats of international, intergovernmental and regional metrology organizations: CGPM, COOMET, EURAMET, EASC
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