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Meeting of TC 1.8 "Physical chemistry":

22-23 of May, 2019, VNIIM, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Belarussian State Institute of Metrology

Director: Dr. Valery Hurevich


Address: 93 Starovilensky tract, 220053 Minsk, Republic of Belarus

Telephone: +375 17 233 55 01

Fax: +375 17 288 09 38

E-mail: info(at), coomet(at)



Major activities

  • development of scientific-methodological and procedural basis of the SAUM;
  • coordination and performance of fundamental and practical research;
  • development, maintenance and comparison of national measurement standards with the international measurement standards or national measurement standards of other countries;
  • recognition of national measurement standards by other countries;
  • reproduction of measurement units and their dissemination to the measurement standards at the level of metrology services of enterprises and accredited laboratories;
  • development of a uniform scientific-technical policy in the field of metrology and assurance of the uniformity of measurements;
  • development of technical directives, national and interstate written standards, measurement procedures and methodological documents in the field of metrology;
  • development of the criteria for classification of devices as measuring instruments;
  • carrying out of state type approval tests, verification, calibration and metrological evaluation of measuring instruments and other metrology related work;
  • maintenance of the state register of national measurement standards of the Republic of Belarus and the state register of approved measuring instruments.
  • carrying out of metrological evaluation of measurement procedures and calibration of test equipment;
  • participation in the cooperation projects in the field of metrology at regional and international levels as a National Metrology Institute (NMI);
  • participation in training and improving of the professional skills of personnel engaged in metrology.

Measurement standards of the Republic of Belarus

BelGIM is the leading organisation in the field of developing and maintaining measurement standards in Republic of Belarus.


The technical basis of the SAUM is represented by 54 national and primary measurement standards of the Republic of Belarus and more than 3 500 reference measuring instruments.




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