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What is the National Metrology Service?

The National Metrology Service is the network of metrology bodies belonging to the National Bureau of Standards (ONN) and Metrological Bodies of organizations, companies and other entities authorized to perform duties of Legal Metrology, which include verification of measurement instruments and the implementation of legal measurements and metrological supervision (state inspection).

The National Metrology Service runs a set of organizational activities, legal, technical, scientific and production that are intended to ensure the required accuracy, reliability and uniformity of measurements in the country.

The National Metrology Service should ensure traceability of measurements involved in the processes of production, research and services that are performed in the country.

This leads to the measurements, ratings and / or validation in activities relating to Public Health, the Scientific Pole, the production of pharmaceuticals, defense, the sugar industry, iron and steel, electronics, domestic and international trade and others, require this service, in many cases to achieve external recognition in the approval and marketing of their products and services.

International experience shows that quality assurance in production processes and competitiveness of goods and services in the market will need an adequate infrastructure in the field of metrology, ensuring compliance with the requirements of technical competence of laboratories verification and calibration and proper metrological control by the state. It should be noted that estimated that the country has about 4.5 million measuring instruments with which measurements are made million daily.

For example, there are 2.5 million electricity meters, with which is measured all the energy produced and consumed, and this system must ensure measurement accuracy, consistency and reliability required in order to minimize losses and help saving electricity.

Functions of the National Metrology Service

The main functions of the National Metrology Service are set out in Decree No.183:

  1. Keep up to date and monitor the implementation and use of units of weights and measures.
  2. Establish and maintain national standards of the legal units of measurement and traceability to international standards.
  3. Set the block diagrams of the hierarchy of instruments for measuring and controlling the validity of the certificate of employers.
  4. Having the basis of patterns suitable accuracy, to ensure traceability of measurement units.
  5. Establish policy and organization of the repair of measuring instruments patterns.
  6. Develop legal provisions related to metrology.
  7. To regulate and control matters relating to the instruments and measurement methods to support public health, environment, technical security, postal and fiscal practices, business transactions and legal assessments.
  8. Organize and implement activities metrological control.
  9. Organize the system of reference materials and certified reference materials, as well as regular standard reference data.
  10. Develop and maintain standards related Cuban Metrology.
  11. Promote and disseminate information regarding related to metrology.
  12. Regulate, monitor and control the metrological aspects of the manufacture, importation, sale, lease and repair of measuring instruments.
  13. Participate at the request of parties or trades in forensic investigations and officers on measuring instruments and equipment usage, measurement results, special tests or measurements to detect fraud view.
  14. Representing through the Office, the country in international activities related to metrology.
  15. Promoting the teaching of metrology.
  16. Direct, implement and coordinate research and activities for the development of metrology.


The organization, specific roles, rights, duties and tasks of the entities previously announced and any other relationship is created with the National Metrology Service are governed by additional legislation to Decree-Law on Metrology.

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