21.02.2024: 20th meeting of TC 1.9 "Ionizing Radiation and Radioactivity"


27.02.2024: BIPM training on e-learning for administrators and course creators

The 1st meeting of the COOMET Task Force for CEEMS Support (TF-CEEMS)

On August 29, 2023 the 1st meeting of the COOMET Task Force for CEEMS Support (TF-CEEMS) was held in online format. 
The meeting was attended by representatives of metrology organizations from 7 COOMET member-countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan. 
During the meeting they discussed the draft Program of Measures on CEEMS support for 2023-2025 and consolidation of submitted proposals on the draft Program.


Protocol of the meeting

COOMET online meeting to discuss support for Countries and Economies with Emerging Metrology Systems (CEEMS)

On 11 February 2022 an online working COOMET meeting chaired by the COOMET Vice-President Zhanat Bedaydarov (Kazakhstan) took place for discussion of possible ways to support countries with emerging metrology systems (CEEMS). COOMET President V.Hurevich, Vice-President E.Lazarenko, Head of Secretariat N.Liakhova, as well as delegations of COOMET member countries classified as CEEMS (Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan) took part in the meeting.


During the meeting the following issues were discussed: technical assistance, training and information support for CEEMS, cooperation under external projects, as well as proposals on enhancing the participation of CEEMS in the work of the COOMET structural bodies and on the organization of further COOMET cooperation activities with CEEMS in general.


Protocol of the meeting

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