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WELMEC Guide 7.2 (2022)

Software Guide (Measuring Instruments Directive 2014/32/EU)

This document provides technical guidance for the application of the Measuring Instruments Directive (MID), for software-equipped measuring instruments. It addresses all those who are interested in the technical understanding of software related requirements of the MID, in particular of the essential requirements. The level of detailed elaboration is oriented on the needs of manufacturers of measuring instruments and of notified bodies which perform conformity assessments of measuring instruments according to module B. link to the WELMEC webpage

WELMEC 7.3 (2020)

Reference Architectures Based on WELMEC Guide 7.2

The aim of the Guide is to provide an architectural template for mapping measuring instrument designs based on new technological developments to the requirements of WELMEC Guide 7.2.

Founded on this template architectural examples for innovative approaches in measuring instruments could be modelled. Models of specific reference architectures are already provided in the Guide and it is envisioned to add further reference architectures according to the needs of the stakeholders.

WELMEC 7.4 (2022)

Exemplary Applications of WELMEC Guide 7.2

The Guide provides specific technical solutions for selected general architectures of instruments (see WELMEC Guide 7.3) and indicates how these acceptable solutions fulfill the requirements laid down in WELMEC Guide 7.2. In doing so, it also illustrates the requirements laid down in WELMEC Guide 7.2 on a technical level.

WELMEC 7.5 (2020)

Software in NAWIs (Non-automatic Weighing Instruments Directive 2014/31/EU)

This document is intended to provide guidance on the software requirements in accordance with the Non-automatic Weighing Instruments Directive (NAWID) 2014/31/EU. There, the WELMEC Committee emphasized the fact that the software-related Essential Requirements of NAWIs could be fully covered by a subset of the software related Essential Requirements of the Measuring Instruments Directive 2014/32/EU (MID).

WELMEC Guide 7.6 (2021)

Software Risk Assessment for Measuring Instruments

This document describes a method for assessing the software-related risks of a measuring instrument subject to the Measuring Instruments Directive 2014/32/EU (MID) and Non-automatic Weighing Instruments Directive 2014/31/EU (NAWID). This guide does not deal with other risks such as EMC, health issues, risk of electrical shock etc. Wherever MID or WELMEC 7.2 is referred, this applies also to NAWID and WELMEC 7.5 which have equal or similar requirements. In both cases, this guide provides a method to assess instrument-specific risks, especially for new technologies not addressed by established acceptable solutions. The method is targeted at manufacturers of such instruments to help them provide an adequate risk assessment report and notified bodies, specifically the notified bodies under module B, G and H1 of the MID and the NAWID, to aid them in the task of analysing the submitted report.
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