Acting Chair of TC 1.2 "Acoustics, Ultrasound, Vibration"

Mr. Aleksandr KOSTEROV


State Enterprise "Scientific-Research Institute for Metrology of Measurement and Control Systems" (DP NDI "Systema")  


Address: 6 Kryvonis Str., 79008 Lviv, UKRAINE

Phone: +38 032 239 92 00

Email: kosterov(at)

Deputy Chair

Mrs. Valentina POZDEEEVA


Belarusian State Institute of Metrology (BelGIM)  


Address: 93, Starovilensky trakt, 220053, MINSK, BELARUS

Phone/Fax: +375 17 365 50 59 / +375 17 244 99 38

E-mail: pozdeeva(at)


Being specified

Coordinators in the fields:

"Acoustics of the air medium" being specified

"Acoustics of the water medium" – Dr. Alexander Isaev (VNIIFTRI, Russia)

+7 495 660 21 66   isaev(at)

"Vibration" – Mr. Andrey Ivaschenko (Ukrmetrteststandard, Ukraine)

+38 044 526-32-79 dep22(at)

Tasks and functions

Main tasks of TC 1.2 are:  


• coordination of cooperation of national member organizations of COOMET in the established thematic area or tasks/problems of cooperation, falling within the competence of TC 1.2, and involvement of scientists and experts of COOMET member countries in the cooperation;

• making proposals and development of work programs in the area of responsibility of the Technical Committee;

• organization and conduct of scientific research and development, as well as comparisons of measurement standards;

• establishment of interaction with the corresponding international and regional organizations on tasks and problems of cooperation, ensuring of participation in the implementation of international treaties and agreements (e.g. Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA) and other arrangements);

• participation in the development of COOMET documents and recommendations;

• coordination of activities of structural and working bodies, directly subordinate to TC 1.2;

• ensuring interaction with other COOMET structural bodies;

• organization of  TC 1.2 meetings and ensuring the agreement of the results of cooperation.


Main functions of TC 1.2 are:  


• summing up of the results of cooperation and preparation of reports on the TC 1.2 activities in accordance with the procedure, established in the Memorandum and Rules of Procedure;

• submission of the annual report on the activities of the Technical Committee to COOMET Secretariat;

• provision of timely information to TC members about the forthcoming meetings, as well as provision of the information to COOMET Secretariat about planned and held works within the Technical Committee;

• organization of information activities and presentation of the results of cooperation on the COOMET web-site.


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