20th meeting of TC 1.9 "Ionizing Radiation and Radioactivity": 12 December, Online


Acting Chair of TC 4 "Information and Training"


Head of  COOMET Secretariat,
Kazakhstan Institute for Standardization and Metrology

(RSE "KazStandard")

Address: Center of Measurement Standards, Mangilik Yel Avenue 11, 010000, Astana, Kazakhstan

Phone: +7 7172 28 29 38

Email: ksm.coomet(at)

Executive Secretary

being specified

Chairs of SCs

SC 4.1 "Capacity building in training and knowledge transfer" - being specified

SC 4.2 "COOMET Informational Resources" - Ilya Krasavin (VNIIMS, Russia),
email: admin_coomet(at)

SC 4.3 "Raising Proficiency Level and Work with Young Metrologists" - Ekaterina Kozmina (VNIIMS, Russia), email: kozmina(at)

Main tasks and functions

The main tasks of TC 4 are:

  • organization, development and activization of cooperation of COOMET member countries in the field of information and training;
  • promotion/popularization of the activities and significance of COOMET at the national and international levels;
  • organization of information activities and presentation of the outcomes of cooperation on the COOMET web resources, as well as timely update of information on the pages of TC 4 and other thematic pages related to the activities of TC 4, on the portal at

The main functions of TC 4 are:

  • coordination of cooperation between state metrology institutions of COOMET member-countries in the fields of information and training as well as engagement of scientists and specialists from other national organizations of COOMET member countries;
  • making proposals on and development of concepts, work programs and objectives of cooperation in the field of information and training, identification of problems of cooperation;
  • identifying needs and resources, coordinating and supporting capacity building in training and knowledge transfer;
  • organization and carrying out of joint works (including research works), which are of interest to state metrology institutions of COOMET member countries, preparation of COOMET documents and recommendations and solving other issues falling within the competence of TC 4;
  • establishment of contacts with the corresponding working bodies of international and regional organizations with the purpose of managing tasks and problems of cooperation and ensuring participation in the implementation of international agreements and arrangements;
  • ensuring interaction with other COOMET structural bodies;
  • organization of TC 4 meetings and ensuring approval of the results of cooperation;
  • compilation of the results of cooperation and preparation of reports on TC 4 activities according to the procedure, specified by the COOMET Memorandum of Understanding and Rules of Procedure;
  • monitoring of the need for training events and internships within COOMET, CBKT BIPM and programs of other partners;
  • organization and holding of training events under the auspices of COOMET;
  • development, management and maintenance of the COOMET information resources.

Regulation on ТC 4 (document COOMET D5.13/2021)

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