TC 4 Documents

TC 4 Regulation


Report of TC 4 Chairperson 2019-2020


TC 4 Work Program for 2018-2020


Document CООМЕТ D6/2013

"Procedure for maintaining COOMET Web-site. General provisions"


Document CООМЕТ D10/2013
"COOMET Web Portal. General Provisions and Maintenance"


Document CООМЕТ D11/2016

"The Procedure of Using the COOMET Logo"


Recommendation CОOMET R/GM/18:2020

"Procedure of the International Competition "The Best Young Metrologist of COOMET"


Recommendation CОOMET R/GM/23:2014

"Procedure of organization and publishing the data about calibration and measuring services of COOMET national metrological institute on CООМЕТ web resources"


Recommendation CОOMET R/IT/24:2014

"Educational programs and practical training programs of experts of National Metrological Institutes cooperating in COOMET"


Recommendation CОOMET R/IT/27:2015

"Procedure for preparing certificates of training, study visits and up-skilling within the framework of CООМЕТ"

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