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IХ International Competition "The Best Young Metrologist of COOMET"

The IХ International Competition "The Best Young Metrologist of COOMET" was held online on 21-22 April 2021.

This year representatives of other Regional metrology organizations joined the competition. In total, there were 18 works submitted from: COOMET (Belarus, Kazakhstan, Germany, Russia, Ukraine), EURAMET (Italy) and SIM (Colombia, Mexico).


The Scientific Committee of the competition included the representatives of International (BIPM, BIML) and Regional (COOMET, AFRIMETS, EURAMET, SIM) metrology organizations:

Chairperson of Scientific Committee:
NEYEZHMAKOV Pavel, COOMET Vice-President, Ukraine

Members of Scientific Committee:
HUREVICH Valery, COOMET President, Belarus
GOLUBEV Sergey, COOMET Vice-President, Russia
MIKANADZE Nino, COOMET Vice-President, Georgia
ZHAGORA Nikolay, COOMET, Belarus
CHUNOVKINA Anna, JCMS Chairperson, COOMET, Russia
KUANBAYEV Chingis, BIPM, France
AMER Mohamed, AFRIMETS, Egypt
RASTELLO Maria Luisa, EURAMET, Italy
VAIGU Aigar, EURAMET, Estonia
FELIX Rodrigo, SIM, Brazil

Secretary of Scientific Committee:
KOZMINA Ekaterina, Chairperson of SC 4.3, COOMET, Russia


Members of the Scientific Committee conducted a comprehensive assessment of the works of the applicants for the high title of winners and prize-winners of the IX International Competition "The Best Young Metrologist of COOMET".

The evaluation of the work was carried out according to five criteria, grouped into two categories - the innovation of the work (relevance and scientific novelty, implementation) and presentation skills and design.


After careful and objective consideration the members of the Scientific Committee defined the winners of the competition:
- Gianluca Milano (EURAMET, INRIM, Italy) for the best report in the field of scientific and fundamental metrological activity;
- Mutaib Zackaria (COOMET, PTB, Germany) for the best report in the field of applied metrological activity.


Special awards for the 2nd and 3rd place went to:
- Gleb Belotelov (COOMET, VNIIFTRI, Russia) - 2nd place;
- Rustam Tukhvatullin (COOMET, VNIIR-branch of VNIIM named after D. I. Mendeleev, Russia) - 3rd place.


We are happy to congratulate the participants with their victory in the competition, we wish them not to stop at the achieved result, to strive to develop and always move forward.

The Scientific Committee of the competition expresses its gratitude to all the participants of the competition for interesting works and reports, congratulates them on the completion of the competition and wishes them new creative ideas and their successful implementation in their future professional activities.


Annotations of participants papers:

Belarus - A.Bagdun, K.Shevel

Germany - Mutaib Zackaria

Kazakhstan - A.Zhumagali, Ye.Kamalov, N.Mamyrbek, M.Mussatayev

Russia - G.Belotelov, S.Fedorov, M.Ghavalyan, R.Tukhvatullin, A.Tumilovich, T.Goidina

Ukraine - K.Hovorova, O.Patsenko

EURAMET - Gianluca Milano (Italia)

SIM - Iván Espinosa Nulutagua (Mexico), Yulieth Fernanda Gutiérrez León (Colombia)


Minutes No 1       Minutes No 2


Proceedings of the Competition

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