18th meeting of TC 1.7 "Photometry and Radiometry" (сombined format: VNIIOFI (Moscow, Russia) and online): 12-14 October 2021



15th online meeting of TC 1.1 "General Metrology"
and webinar of implementation of the CIPM MRA documents: 15 October 2021

Important documents

CIPM MRA Documents

Russian translation of the suite of the CIPM MRA documents:

CIPM MRA G-11 Measurement comparisons in the CIPM MRA: Guidelines for organizing, participating and reporting​

CIPM MRA-G-12 Quality management systems in the CIPM MRA: Guidelines for monitoring and reporting ​

CIPM MRA G-13 Calibration and measurement capabilities in the context of the CIPM MRA: Guidelines for their review, acceptance and maintenance​

CIPM MRA-P-11 Overview and implementation of the CIPM MRA​

CIPM MRA-P-12 Coordination within the CIPM MRA: CCs, RMOs, JCRB​

CIPM MRA P-13 Participation in the CIPM MRA: NMIs, DIs, IGOs​

The original documents in english are here:

COOMET Roadmap for the Implementation of Decisions Related to the Redefinition of the Basic Units of the International System of Units (SI ) for 2020-2025

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