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Calibration and Measurement Certificates Issued by NMIs in the context of the CIPM MRA

COOMET NMIs issue Calibration and Measurement Certificates in the context of the CIPM MRA according with the CООМЕТ R/GM/15:2020 Recommendation "Rules of Completion of the Form of Calibration Certificates issued by National Metrology Institutes and Designated Institutes within the scope of the CIPM MRA.

In order to be able to use the CIPM MRA logo and statement on its certificates NMI should get the official authorization from the BIPM. The rules of use of the logo and  the form of the request of authorization for the use of the logo and the statement are given in the CIPM MRA-P-11 Document (the document in Russian and in English)

The following institutes of COOMET member countries have been authorized to use the logo, for the fields of measurement supported by CMCs published in the KCDB:



       BelGIM from 13 November 2006  


Bosnia and Herzegovina:

       IMBIH from 10 August 2012  



       BIM from 12 September 2006 



       NIM from 27 November 2006


Cuba (seized participation in the CIPM MRA since 01.01.2022):

       CENTIS from 12 August 2011  

       CPHR from 8 March 2011  



       GEOSTM from 3 June 2014  



       BAM from 17 January 2008  

       BVL from 11 November 2016  

       PTB from 28 November 2006  

       UBA from 17 August 2007  



       KazStandard from 13 April 2011  


Moldova (Republic of):

       NMI (MD) from 22 April 2016  


Russian Federation:

       VNIIFTRI from 13 November 2006  

       VNIIM from 13 October 2006  

       VNIIMS from 7 November 2006  

       VNIIOFI from 14 November 2006        



       SMU from 13 March 2007 



       UME from 19 October 2006 



       DP NDI "Systema" from 30 July 2007  

       NSC IM from 23 March 2007  

       SE "Ivano-Frankivskstandard metrologia" from 11 December 2013  

       SE "Ukrmetrteststandard" from 17 August 2007  



You can find full list of the authorized NMIs from all RMOs on the BIPM website here.

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