TC 4 meeting in 2021 (February)

17th meeting of TC4 "Information and Training" was held online on 10–11 February 2021.

The objectives of the meeting were to discuss the results of TC 4 activity in 2019-2020 and development tasks for 2021.

The meeting was attended by Chairpersons of TC 4 subcommittees, TC 4 members and their representatives from 11 COOMET member countries (Azerbaijan, Belarus, China, Georgia, Germany, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Russia, Turkey, Uzbekistan and Ukraine), as well as Ch. Kuanbayev, a Officer of International Liaison and Communication Department of International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM), M. Dobre, Chair of Technical Committee for Interdisciplinary Metrology (TC-IM) of European Association of National Metrology Institutes (EURAMET) and T. Tasic, Capacity Building Officer of the EURAMET Secretariat.

16 issues of the agenda have been considered at the meeting, including:

• main results of the activity of COOMET TC 4 in 2019–2020;

• report of realization of the Work Program of COOMET TC 4 for 2018–2020;

• implementation of COOMET projects within TC 4;

• activity of subcommittees of TC 4;

• activity within BIPM Program on capacity building and knowledge transfer (CB&KT);

• cooperation with EURAMET;

• preparation for IX International competition "Best Young Metrologist of CООМЕТ – 2021";

• draft of the Work Program of COOMET TC 4 for 2021–2023.

During the meeting there was presented information on the results of the activities of TC 4 in 2019–2020 and activities carried out within the framework of TC 4. Report of implementation of the TC 4 Work Program for 2018–2020 and Draft of TC 4 Work Program for 2021–2023 were also provided

There was presented information on activities planned for 2021 in Road map for implementation of COOMET Strategy for 2020-2025 and CООМЕТ Development Program for 2020–2022 (within the area of responsibility of TC 4) with further discussion among the meeting participants.

The updated Documents COOMET D5.13/2015 "Regulation on COOMET Technical Committee "Information and Training" (TC 4)" and COOMET D4/2014 "COOMET Publications. Classification, Development, Approval and Registration. General Provisions" were provided to TC 4 members for discussion.


Minutes of the meeting


Working Documents 


Presentations of the meeting

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